MGT613 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

32 total qestuionz… 4 short and 28 mcqz
mcqz mostly realted wid past paprz n short queation are here:
1. How do automations help in a production setting? (3 marks)

2. Write down the characteristics of well designed service system (3 marks)

3. Suppose you want to estimate the time required to perform a certain task by the two employees. One employee’s study yields a mean of 6.4 minutes and standard deviation 2.1 minutes with 95% confidence Interval. Other employee’s study yields a mean of 2.1minutes and standard deviation of 6.4 minutes with confidence Interval of 95%. More how many observations you will need of desired maximum errors is 10%of sample mean? (z =1.96). Do both employees have same number of observations? (5 marks)

4. A good product and service designed plays a strategic role in helping and organization achieved its goals. Discuss how? (5 marks)