MKT501 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Gourmet Foods is the leading chain of bakeries and confectioners in Lahore that was established
in 1987. They were initially mainly based in Lahore where the number of branches in Lahore
alone are over 100. They have also started expanding their reach to other cities across Pakistan.
With expansion in their business, they have started self-producing a wide range of products
under their own brand name. They have a very successful pricing strategy that they follow. The
prices of their products are well within the reach of common people. They however also have a
premium brand by the name of „Bon Vivant‟, which cater a slightly different market segment.
Gourmet also ensures that the product is readily available for the consumers and for that they
have a very efficient distribution system. Now after three decades Gourmet is one of the
strongest Pakistani brand that has diversified its portfolio by entering into various other
businesses like catering, furniture, marquees, etc. Their orange brand color is spreading with a
super speed and they have made their mark in the Pakistani market.
1. Go to Gourmet food‟s official website (http://gourmetpakistan.com); extract and list
down their product line. (Simply list it down, no explanation required) (2 marks)
2. Price skimming and penetration pricing are two of the many types of pricing strategies
that a company may follow. Discuss with logical argument if Gourmet foods is following
skimming pricing or penetration pricing. (3 marks)
3. Go to Gourmet‟s website, access the distribution form (http://new.gssm.pk/apply/apply)
and fill that form considering yourself a distributor. Fill the form with your VU student
CONDITIONS BOX IN THE END). Take a screen shot of your filled form and past the
screen shots under answer three of your assignment. (2 marks)
4. Watch the following ad of gourmet (using the link given below) and comment on the
message which has been communicated through the ad. (compile your answer in 5-7
lines) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpXcN8B13Pc) (3 marks)
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