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A Closer Look at Microsoft’s Game-Changing Windows 8 Tablet

Julie Bort Jun. 18, 2012, 9:08 PM

Source: Business Insider

Microsoft today revealed its own tablet, which it calls the Surface tablet.

This could be a game changer for the company as it fends off Apple and the iPad.

Microsoft took the wraps off two models of the Surface today: one running an ARM processor featuring Microsoft’s new tablet OS, Windows RT, and one an Intel Core processor featuring the Windows 8 Pro operating system — which is a step up from the ordinary Windows 8 OS.

Surface for Windows RT will be available to the public when Windows 8 is officially released. Microsoft still hasn’t given an exact date for that, but we do know it will be in the fall, in plenty of time for the holiday shopping.

The Windows 8 Pro model will be available about 90 days later, Microsoft said. So that’s around year-end.

But, Microsoft didn’t mention how much this device will cost. For a deeper dive, keep reading…

Discussion Question:

Apple has gained positive responses/popularity and awareness from the people through Mind share while launching iPod, iPad, Touch screen Mobiles and Tablets. Keeping in view the role played by Mind share in Apple’s product awareness/Promotion, You are required to discuss the role needs to play by “Mind share” to promote the Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets in order to make this product a true Game-Changing Windows 8 Tablet?


Besides mind share, Microsoft has several obstacles to best in regards to aWindows 8 tablet. Forrest notes that Windows must differentiate itself in productivity and gaming by leveraging touch/voice-first control schemes and the successful Xbox platform respectively. Also, the Windows 8 tablet must be priced well as Forrest found the optimal price point to be $308 (that was before the $199 Kindle Fire). Moreover, consumers need to be reminded ofWindows 8 through a smart marketing campaign and Microsoft needs to invest in new and old distribution channels.

While it’s never too late to launch a good product, Microsoft is quickly losing market share it never had. A year ago, per this report, Windows was the tablet OS of choice for potential buyers even though such a device wasn’t available. But now, Android and iOS are quickly eroding consumer’s interest in Microsoft’s offering. At this rate of decent, Windows 8 is going to have a massive uphill battle to reclaim lost ground when it finally launches.