MKT501 Marketing Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Assignment No: 01
Opening Date: Nov 10, 2017
Due Date: Nov 16, 2017
Marks: 10
Topic: “Customer Needs and Demands”
Learning Objective:
 To enable students identify the consumer needs and learn the ways of satisfying them being future marketers.
Learning Outcome:
 After attempting this activity, students will be able to learn different marketing strategies for each particular need or demand of the customers.
The Case:
The Fashion House is a renowned clothing brand in India. It deals with semi-formal and formal dresses and also a range of bridal wears. Seeking the opportunity of a huge market of bridal wears in Pakistan, the company decided to launch a bridal wear collection in Pakistan according to the ongoing trend of traditional bridal dresses with a modern touch. The company seeks to target the upper middle and upper class. The collection consists of bridal dresses, wedding dresses, and party wears. As the company has never done any business in Pakistan before, it seeks to get information about customer needs and demands of the targeted segment. To help understand customer requirements, CEO of the company wants to identify and target all the types of need (i.-e Stated, Real, Unstated, Delight and Secret).
Being a student of marketing, identify and explain how the company can satisfy all the five needs of the targeted segment with respect to the company offering. (1*5)
Solution :