MKT501 Marketing Management GDB Solution Fall 2013


The pharmaceutical companies by law cannot advertise its products (medicines) through TV commercials, newspapers and billboards. This is perhaps because the probability of using any medicine without prescription may induce patients to use medicines that are not suitable for them. For promoting medicines pharmaceutical companies hire sales persons who directly interact with doctors to promote medicines through direct marketing techniques. While encouraging doctors to prescribe the medicine companies adopt different promotional tactics. For example companies give free samples of medicines, calendars or medical instruments to doctors or sponsor free medical camps. Another promotional tool adopted by the companies is providing sponsorship to doctors in the shape of foreign tours or educational expenses of their family members. Both practices are prevailing and people have different opinions about such promotional practices adopted by pharmaceutical companies.

Point of discussion

In your opinion the promotional practices mentioned above are ethically right or wrong? Discuss your answer with at least five arguments for supporting your view point.


These promotional techniques are ethically wrong because of following five reasons

1. Patient Health issue: The health of the patients should not be compromised.

2. Social health issue: Socially it is the responsibility of the company to provide the medicines which helps the patients in curing the disease

3. Company considering only their profit: Mostly the companies consider in making profits

4. Companies competition hardly harm the public: Competition in pharmaceutical company harms the public interest.

5. Doctors should be aware of the medicines quality.