MKT530 Consumer Behavior Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Objective of Assignment

The prime objective of this assignment is to make students familiar with the importance of advertising and build their analysis ability.

Learning Outcomes After attempting this students will be able to: Conduct analysis of different commercials. Know the practical implication of TV commercials effectiveness on consumer behavior.

Background : Companies communicate the information to their target customers about their products and services in a variety of ways such as print, electronic and social media and it is called Advertisement. Their prime purpose is to reach the customers and persuade them to buy the products and services. There is speculation that television commercials are getting close and losing their popularity as viewers choose not to watch them. But it remains a speculation as television is all time famous and effective one in arena of advertising to propagate the intended message to target customers. In television commercials, to make advertisement more valuable one, advertising agencies use different techniques and tools. An effective television commercial is a combination of a good concept and content, advertiser’s features melodies (“jingles”) in advertisements to be prominent and memorable. Advertising agencies also use humor and animation as a tool often in their advertisements to be more creative ones in targeting their customers. In addition to that endorsement, frequency and the exposure of the ad make one company ad different from others. These are the elements of TV commercials. Sometimes companies/ agencies combine these elements in an appropriate way that may offend the consumer’s e.g. poor concept, too much frequency and inappropriate time slot. Case: During the holy month of Ramadan we are seeing number of TV commercials on television from 7up, Pepsi , Coca-Cola brands, in different slots to capture the targeted customers; these ads might be 30 sec or less than that and repeated.


By keeping in mind the above mentioned background, where the elements of effective TV commercials have been discussed, you are supposed to analyze the TV commercials of 7up, Pepsi and Coca cola. In your opinion commercial of which brand is more effective and persuasive? (Provide at least five arguments in favor of your answer) (10 Marks)


Coca Cola presents its Ramadan TVC 2014 with a message of sharing coke with your mother this Ramadan and share happiness with each other. Coke always comes up with some interesting theme and interesting message

Coca-Cola easily comes up with tasteful, direct to the point and creative product-centric advertisements each time the company introduces a new product. Such was the case of the print advertisement below wherein Coca-Cola introduced Coca-Cola Light Lemon.
This ad is one perfect example of a clean, well-communicated and simple ad that will cut across the target audience. This ad has effectively used the theory of semiotics which is the study of signs. The yellow lemon peel forming a letter “C” using the Coca-Cola font has effectively served as a sign for the brand “Coca-Cola” and the clean light background served as an additional advertising clue for the Coca-Cola brand since that is one of its trademarks.

Coca-Cola ad the yellow lemon peel served as a sign for Coca-Cola as a brand not because the people associate lemon peels with Coca-Cola but because the lemon peel was tactfully and creatively shaped into a letter C using the Coca-Cola font style. Hence, when people see it from afar, they would easily associate it with Coca-Cola even though the words Coca-Cola were not spelled out. The creative agency is therefore to be commended for this artistic work because it was very tasteful and subtle yet very creative.
Also the Coca-Cola can containing the full branding was also tactfully placed at the right hand bottom corner of the vertical print ad in order to reinforce the Coca-Cola branding. If one is to evaluate this print ad, one would say that it was persuasive enough because it delivers one single message which is the Lemon variant of Coke Light. There were no other elements used except the yellow lemon peel which also served as a sign or a symbol for the Coca-Cola brand.