MKT621 Advertising & Promotion Assignment No. 2 Solution 2018

Advertising & Promotion (MKT621)        Spring, 2017 Assignment No. 2

Due Date: May 24, 2017

Total Marks: 10

Weightage: 04

Topic: “Various Advertising Mediums”



Learning Objective:

The core objective of this assignment is to acquaint students with the usefulness of various advertising mediums and their implementation in publicizing/promoting brands.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully attempting this assignment, students will receive a clear understandingof differentiated and contemporary advertising techniques which will enable them to use effective advertising mediums for brand they are interested to promote.


There was a time when customers have to visit several different stores to shop; the grocery store, clothing store, electronic items store, shoe shops etc. With the advent of “One Stop Shopping Concept” the trend has entirely changed, customers can get anything they desire under one roof in “Contemporary Shopping Malls” from apparels, grocery, bakery, dine-in, cosmetics to cinema etc. In fact, everything is available in these shopping malls. We must say that these malls have taken the living standards of their customers at higher degree of comfort. 

The Case:

“LuckyOne Mall”, a new addition to the existing shopping malls in Karachi recently started its operations. “LuckyOne Mall” is a magnificent, multistoried, first of its kind destination, and probably will be the biggest shopping mall in Pakistan until now, that without any doubt will truly transform the overall shopping experience of its customers. There are high-end specialty stores, a mega food street, a world-class family entertainment center, numerous clothing brands, and two levels of dedicated car parking inside the store. Further, space planning includes attraction rides, novelty games, redemption games, carnival games, table games and video games in the family entertainment centre. The “LuckyOne Mall” will probably be the home of the largest outlets of the biggest fashion & lifestyle brands of Pakistan along with the largest atrium for fun-filled entertainment activities and brand launches. It will surely take the family entertainment experience to the higher level.  The management of “LuckyOne Mall” needs to be very vigilant in terms of using effective advertising media in order to expose its existence and gain customer attention.


By reading the above scenario, what advertising mediums do you think the management of “The LuckyOne Mall” should use in order to promote its brand while dragging the attention of masses?