MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB Solution Fall 2012

“City housing”is one of the Pakistan’s greatest builders and real estate developers. They are based in Lahore but are catering to a broad clientele ranging from private to public institutions involving both national and foreign projects. They provide varying services in architecture, master planning, urban design, and interior design. The project types encompass commercial, housing and residence. They have always provided quality homes for the people and have set benchmark in the real estate and property development business. Recently, they have launched a new housing scheme. Due to increasing competition in the local market, they have decided to take help of advertising to grab the masses. Their advertising team has crafted two different ad taglines. In one advertisement, they are claiming, “Paradise on earth” but in the second, they are referring that “we providing one of the best living experience on earth” and the tagline is “it’s like heaven on earth.” They have to select one best out of these taglines.


Discussion Question:

Being equipped with the advertising knowledge, you are required to select one claim that you think is appropriate for this Housing Company considering the ethical values associated with advertising.

You are also required to identify the ethical concepts of advertising used in the selected claim and state two logical reasons for selecting the claim on ethical grounds.