MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB Solution Spring 2014


Advent of internet has introduced a new world for Marketers and a great opportunity to interact with the consumers online, where they plan, live and share their lives. This opportunity has been bolted the Pakistani Market as well with a sufficient amount of users activating their participation, on the World Wide Web.

Digital advertising methods have made a substantial impact on traditional media and advertising in recent years. Advancement of technologies and consumer preferences, such as handheld device usage, social media, and online news, is driving marketers to choose digital media platforms. Despite of rapid growth still much is to be done in Pakistan to discover new ways of engaging the customer through online advertising.


Q No.1 How digital or online marketing has affected the traditional advertising? Provide at least five arguments.

– Online marketing has widened the scope of marketing and has become the easiest way to deliver the product message.

– Traditional advertising was limited to print media, electronic media and 1-2-1 consumer engagement but new advancement through online marketing has made the difference in terms of generating product trial and to enhance the maximum product awareness with high retention.

–  Access to need, wants and desires at one click.

–  Has changed the consumer behaviors, consumer approach and developed the competition.

Q No.2 Do you think online advertising could have an impact on Pakistani market? Provide at least five arguments.

Yes, online advertisement really has an impact in Pakistani market. Following are the reasons:

–          Increasing use of internet.

–          Small and large scale businesses approach to capture the consumers over the web.

–          One click access.

–          Easy mode of payment.

–          Time saving and reliable.