MKT621 VU Current Final Paper Spring 2012

Total 55 question.
46 objective types
5 question of 5 Marks
3 question of 3Marks

Objective 30% from past papers.


(1)There are several method used in developing advertising budget depending upon the situation and objective. Describe this method briefly. 3 Marks.

(2) What are the basic principle to be followed for designing an add for newspaper to achieve advertising objective. 3 Marks.

(3) Advertiser plays with customer mind-set”to anticipate the result of advertising campaign what are the steps involved in understanding an add by customer.

3 Marks

(4 ) How can you justify the use of illustration in advertisement? 5Marks

(5)ABC is launching new product and they need to educate the market .what technique they used to educate the people. 5 Marks.

(6) Suppose you are the marketing manger of the ABC company. data copied from vu solutions dot com you want to advertise your product .what motivates you to
use online advertising in this
regards. What are the parameter to publish an add in a news paper by using newspaper space effectively. 5 Marks

(7) Mr. Ali is appointed in advertising agency right after the graduation. What are the principles he must follow to pursuit off excellence in professional.

(8)It must be kept in mind that every campaign become successful from the involvement perspective some people show high involvement and some show low
involvement which technique could be used to know the low involvement in an add