MKT624 Brand Management GDB 2 Solution Spring 2014

UNILEVER Pakistan owns multi brand portfolio which consist of home and personal care brands, food and beverages and many more other brands. It sells products under 400 brand names worldwide and two billion people use them on daily basis. Managing brand portfolio is tough job for companies. It requires cost, time and energy but at the same time offer better coverage of the market. Portfolio of brands is a phenomenon which is uncertain but on the other way offers profits to company. (Source:
In your opinion why UNILEVER Pakistan prefers large brand portfolio inspite of high risk, cost and marketing energies”? Justify your answer with at least five supportive arguments.

UNILEVER Pakistan prefers large brand portfolio Because:

1. Customer trust in product.
2. Good will of the company.
3. Higher amount of Product.
4. Less risk in product failure.
5. Marketing research and product development has already been done.