MKT630 International Marketing Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

International trade and cross cultural issues The objective of this activity is to make the students familiar with the cross cultural issues in the international trade. After attempting this assignment, students will be able to:

1.Comprehend the cross cultural issues in international trade

2.Learn the tactics to resolve cross cultural issues in international trade.

‘Leathermark’ is a garment manufacturing company. It is working in Italy and wants to expand its business in other countries. For this purpose, they conducted a research in different countries of Europe. After evaluation of the gathered data, higher management finally concluded that company will launch most successful brand of the company “Crusher” the special leather jackets with pure Italian designs. Crusher is an Italian name which will not only help in promoting its head office culture but will also give a sense of an Italian brand. Company launched this brand in England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany. However, unfortunately, this launch was a total failure. Research and marketing teams of the company were shocked to see these results. All sale outlets and designs were rejected by the masses. As the product was a shopping product and usually people seek variety, but even then people were not willing to visit sales outlet of Leathermar. Research experts were saying that it happened due to the culture differences. People were not accepting styles and designs of Italian designers. But the possible reason could be climate as well because Italy is relative warmer then rest of the Europe.
Keeping in mind the case details, you are required to answer following question. Being a student of marketing, how you are going to solve this issue?

What tactics can be used to make it acceptable for the entire Europe? Give at least five reasons of failure and ten tactics to solve issue.

1. Do proper research according to consumer demand.

2. Advertise in different languages.

3. Offer cloths for different age groups.

4. Use bright color European likes it.

5. Kuch Khud bhi soch loo Janab