MKT630 International Marketing GDB 2 Solution Spring 2013

Objective:                               Total Marks 20

  • To make the students aware of the online transactions
  • To enable students to know how the business is carried out online


  • Student will be able to understand the online business model.
  • Student will be able to know how business strategies and practices are altered in the international scenario to meet the needs of the different markets. 

The case:

“Beautybox”” is engaged in selling beauty product online. It offers a wide variety of perfumes, cosmetic and skincare products like nail polishes, lipsticks, bronzers, foundations, moistures, sunscreen creams, toners and cleansers to list a few. After the success in their local and European market, its online service is expanding in Asian region as well. Considering the nature of beauty industry which requires a trial of product before actually buying it, it has designed its business model on the philosophy of “try and buy”. Customers have to subscribe for $ 10 per month and in return they will get a sample box every week containing a sample of five different products. The product sample boxes are customized according to the data collected through a questionnaire filled by customers at the time of subscription. Customers can then place online order of the required product by making online payment using credit and debit cards. Now “Beautybox” is planning to enter Pakistani market as the fashion industry is flourishing there. There are certain constraints as the Pakistan is not technologically advance country.  Most of the people are less aware of the online buying and selling activity and they are reluctant to use debit and credit cards while making online transactions.


Student’s task:

Your task is to recommend the most appropriate subscription and payment method to “Beautybox” other than debit and credit cards along with three benefits of selecting that method.