MKT630 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

MKT630 midterm paper dated 09th Dec 2012

22 MCQ’s almost all are new

03 Questions are 3 marks each

02 Questions are 5 Marks each

total 27 Questions

1:- two majors generic form of Export marketing   03 marks

2:- related to Absolute advantage   (comparison of labor cost and production of two companies Style Inn and fashion House Style Inn produce 1000 T- Shirts within 1 hour with 50 labor and cost bear Rs .50 per piece and other hand Fashion House produce 700 T-shirts within 1 hour with 60 labor and cost bear Rs.55 per piece which company have absolute advantage , justify your answer  03 Marks

3:- about the protectionism , In Pakistan IT Industry in initial stag of Product life cycle what steps should take the Pakistani Government to protectionism of IT industry in Pakistan  03 Marks

4:- International marketers are working in more complex legal system than local marketer.

Indicate those issues that an international marketer faces world wide. 05 Marks

5:- why differ Exploratory research and Descriptive research from casual research 05 Marks