MTH202 Discrete Mathematics Final paper 23 February 2013

50% MCQs from past papers and 50% from past papers with slight modifications.

Question 2 marks: Find (f + g) (x) where f and g are given.

Question 2 marks: Find transpose of the matrix. Matrix doesn’t include digits. It has a, b, c and w.

Question 3 marks: How many words can be formed from the word HULLALBLOO (something like this) where 1st letter must be L.

Question 5 marks: Find GCD of 1075 and 45 (Answer 5)

Question 5 marks: Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that the number on first die in 5 given that the sum of the numbers is at least 10.

Question 5 marks: What is inverse of a relation. Given the following relation, find its inverse and determine whether R is symmetric or anti-symmetric.

Question 3 marks: What is path and simple path. Determine all possible paths from vertex A to D. (Graph was given, just like X shaped).

Question 5 marks: Is the given graph planner or not. If it is planner then draw it appropriately so that its crossing number becomes zero.

Question 3 marks: In the following directed graph, find its adjacency matrix.