MTH202 GDB Solution Spring 2012

“Shortly describe the reasons and applications for the topic you find most interesting in the course of Discrete Mathematics.”


Yes there are certain points that proves that the real life is like Hamiltonian graph

1. Earning money (Hasoole rizq ) is is vertex and procedures to earn Halal or Haram there are two different ways (edges) u can go through any way but once only u can not chage haram into halal & u earn money agai and agin.

2. from time of birth to deth point life is also simulates the Hamiltonian graph (coming in this world and going back from this world) there are different ways to do the routine jobs (wright / wrong ways) one can select any one but destination is same.


Example: driving
Vertices: cities
Edges: transportation

If I use the same route while returning back then it will not be a Hamiltonian circuit but if I use a different route via some other cities while coming back the above stated problem is a real life example of Hamiltonian Circuit.

transport is one of the smalest part of our real life . think when there was no transport even no transport concept even that time there was a reality of life so we are talking about real life of a human been.