MTH301 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Almost 50% MCQs from old papers + 50% MCQs from old papers with slight variations.


Don’t waste time on lengthy chain rules!! Two questions from integration topic. One question was of double integration whose limits are given (5 marks). That was easy but lengthy as many steps were involved.

One 5 marks question: Critical point was given as (1,1). Determine if function has relative minimum or maximum?

Two marks question: write the equation of plane. Point and vector normal to it are given. Simple one line answer!!

Three marks question: Find approximate change in function using differentials. Change in x and function was given.

Two marks question: Find double integral of given function. The integration was without limits.


That’s what I remember. If you get good grades in MTH301 because of sharing my paper, then do remember me in your prayers.