MTH302 VU Current Final Paper Spring july 2012

Long question 5 numbers
Q1: a person spends 1/5 of the income in food, 3/5 in clothing and saves 100 rupees. find the net income?

Q2: x and y values were given there and slope was to be found? slope for given x and y values. i don’t remember the same values.

Q3: some amount was given and the ratio per year was given and for 40 days interest was to be calculated? interest for 40 days?

Q4: probability question was there?

and one question about annuity was there?

mcqs was selected randomly, but were easy as a whole? main topics was from mode, matrix, probability and slope as per my memory.

Paper 2:

Q.1   If  variable cost =Rs. 157 and sale= Rs. 185 then find the value of contribution margin. (2)

Q.2   what will be the standrd deviation of a sample of size if it population variance is 2 .   (2)

Q.3   how many arrangements can be made of cricket team players, when total players are 15 and you have to select 11?  (3)

Q.4 Evaluate 5p3 ?

Q.5 Find the median from the following numbers


Q.6 Show that 2    1  multiplicative inverse of 3     -1         (5)

5     3                                      -5      2

paper main zada tar objective past papers se thy.