MTH501 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

90% MCQs are from 22-45 lectures
5-mark question———-> find cofector and also find determinent using cofector methode of a matrix that is 3×3 given in question then the hot topic in 5-marks and 3-mark question is orthogonal projection must prepare it fully conceptually and numerically andother hot topic saddle point attractor and repeller and in question you need to : prove that the given matrix (mostly 2×2 matrix and its elements are floating point numbers like .77,.832 etc) you need to prove that the origen of the given matrix is saddle point attractor and repeller .

this type question is 3 and 2 marks and may be a one of 5-marksand practice
the questions to find the solution of A(inverse)A x(cap) = A(inverse)b
Hope these guidelines are useful in your preparation