MTH501 VU Current Final Paper Spring 2012

40 mcqs 2 no k 4 quiz the 1) Determine whether the set of vectors are orthogonal or not 2) Is following set of vertices is orthogonal with respect to the Euclidean inner product on ? 3) find the characteristics polynomial and all eigevalues of given matrix 4) Write a system of linear equations for given matrix 4 quiz of 3 numbers 1) Let W=span {x1,x2}, where , construct an orthogonal basis {v1,v2}for W. 2) 3) Find the characteristics polynomial and egenvalues of matrix A= 4) Sow that coefficient matrix of the following linear system is strictly diagonal dominant 5 quiz of 5 numbers 1) find an upper triangular matrix R such that A=QR 2) define T: by T(x)=A(x), find a basis B data copied from vu solutions dot com for with the property that is diagonalizable A= 3) let A be a 2*2 matrix with

egenvalues 4 and 2, with corresponding eigenvectors 4) let x(t) be the position of a particle at time t, solve the initial value problem 5) let L be a linear transformation from to define by L , show that ‘L’ is inventible and also find it’s inverse?