Multipurpose Viva Exam System project in spring 2012

Multipurpose Viva Exam System

(Mobile & Web)


This system will provide the facility of entering marks of students in a live environment, such as in viva voce examination. The viva panel members will register through the web interface of the application. Once registered, the panel members can use the application installed on their cell phones, to connect to the main system, and enter marks. This will be handled via bluetooth i.e. the connection between main system and mobile application will be implemented using Bluetooth technology. At the end of viva voce examination, the system will gather all the entered marks and calculate average marks which will be sent to the main system. When the marking will be completed, the web based system will calculate the total marks for student and generate a final marking sheet in PDF or DOC format. Following are further details for this project:


Application Type: This is a twofold application; there will be a web based application and a mobile based application.


Administrator (for approving new registration and any other administrative tasks)

Viva Panel Member

Supervisor (Supervisor is also a Viva Panel Member)

Features (Mobile Based Interface):

  1. Connect and authenticate the user (Viva Panel Member).
  1. After successful authentication, provide the marking interface, containing list of students scheduled on today date. The list of students scheduled will be provided via web interface (detail in web based interface section).
  1. The connection and communication between mobile and main systems should be implemented via Bluetooth.
  1. Once the marks are entered, the mobile client will send the marks to the main system (provided in web based system).
  1. The main system will allow update of marks up till 10 minutes from the first entry of marks. In this case the Viva Panel Member will use the same mobile application to enter the marks again.
  1. The web based system will send an SMS alert as acknowledgment to the respective Viva Panel Member (there are 3 panel members including the supervisor).

Features (Web Based Interface):

  1. It will provide registration system for Viva Panel Members.
  1. It will be a typical marking system that can be used all alone (in case the mobile client is not available or cannot be used). So it will provide the same interface for entering marks as in the mobile client.
  1. It will allow scheduling of students (schedule will be based on date and time). The typical attributes can be: Group-ID, Student-ID, Student-Name, Project-Title, Viva Date etc.
  1. After the complete entry of marks in the system, it will store the average marks.
  1. Generation of final marks should also be provided. The format should be either PDF(.pdf) or Word document (.doc). So that the marks sheet can be printed.


Tools and Technologies:

For web application: Microsoft.Net, Java

For mobile application: J2ME, Android