Online Restaurant Coupon Deals project in Spring 2012

Online Restaurant Coupon Deals

Core Website Elements
The website will include the following core elements:

 Elegant & Interactive Design
 Home page with latest news, offers etc.
 General content pages for static information (About Us, Services, Contact Us etc.)
 Dynamic search engine
 Image gallery and dynamic flash header module
 News/Events
 Online payment gateways (Paypal)
 Email notifications
 Website Feed
 Newsletter subscription form
 Affiliate system with complete commission tracking and b2b/b2c options
 Blogs
 Newsletter subscription form
 Contact / enquiry forms
 Live Chat/Live Help as an option
 All managed by a bespoke CMS

General Content Pages The section is for all type of visitors/members, the main pages will be:

 Home page
 About us
o Why us
 News & Events
o Latest News
o Special Offers
 Careers
o Current Openings
o Online Application Form
 Contact Us
o Corporate Office
o Management
o Feedback Form
 Terms, Privacy, Returns, Etc


 Google Maps Integration
Shows deal location on a Google Map
 Side Deals
ability to run multiple deals for the same city at the same time
 Unique Deal Media Feature
You can upload multiple images and even embed videos for every deal. They appear as a cool slideshow on the user end
 Barcodes
unique barcode for every coupon.
 Create/Modify Options
General: location, time zone, name
Start/End Date & Time
Coupons Expire Date & Time age – 7
Minimum amount of buyers required to activate the deal
Maximum amount of buyers
Coupons per user limit
Original value and discounted price percentage calculated automatically

 User Interface
Subscription Prompt
During the first visit user is suggested to subscribe to a newsletter. Admin can make
Subscription mandatory – users won’t be able to access the rest of the site until they subscribe.
Share deal via email, face book and twitter
pricing info (value, price, and discount percentage)
“Time left to buy” countdown with dynamic update of hourglass image
“Bought/Required to buy” visual slider
Company info and reviews
Ability to select another city
Newsletter subscription
Browse recent deals

Users Registration / SignUp
 Basic signup
email and captcha verification can be enabled/disabled from admin
 Resend verification email feature
 Reset password (“forgot your password”) feature
 Account
Upload image
Change info and password
 My Coupons
List of user’s coupons filtered by available/used/expired status
Ability to print coupon
Ability to mark coupon as used




 Admin can allow/disallow company owners to
Edit company info
Create/edit company reviews
Modify deals (basic info only)
Create/modify deals (full)
 Company owner can
Create/edit stuff according to access level (see above)
Manage deals and track viewed/bought statistics
Mark coupons as used
Export coupons into CSV format and print that list

City Managers
 Can create/edit companies
 Can credit/edit deals
 Admin can specify which cities city manager should have access to

Script automatically extracts visitor location from their IP and shows deals for their city

Gift Module
 Coupons
users can buy coupon as a gift
users can input recipient name, email and custom message
users can choose to print coupon themselves or send it via email to the recipient
 Gift Cards
users can buy gift cards
users can input recipient name, email, custom message and select gift card amount
users can choose to print gift card themselves or send it via email to the recipient
admin can set maximum and minimum allowed gift card amounts