PAK301 Pakistan Studies GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

Graded MDB for Pak301 will be opened on July 24, 2014 and will remain open till July, 25, 2014. The topic of this GDB will be, How do you see Pakistan’s foreign relations with Afghanistan after US withdrawal? Post your comments after inferring the above topic. Your comments should NOT exceed from 100 to 120 words.


US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan will affect the geo-political and economic conditions of the region. There will new shift in convergences and divergences in Pak-India relations. Pakistan needed to get out of its collective siege mentality to bury conspiracy theories and blaming others; and start assessing the situation according to changing realities. The fact is that Pakistan is facing a blow back of its own policies.

It is imperative for Pakistan to get out of the denial mode, start putting its internal house in order and not shy away from seeking international help. The regional states and global powers were favorably disposed towards helping Pakistan to counter the extremism and terrorism menace; of course they wanted to help Pakistan in their own interest. A second type of terrorism is sectarian in nature involving domestic groups but fueled by the Arab-Iran rivalry.

It is important to reach a consensus with the Arab States and Iran that Pakistan cannot afford their proxy war on its soil. The regional actors should adopt regional approach towards peace where they should stand together to block the external forces interfering in the affairs of the region.