PAK301 Pakistan Studies Quiz 1 Fall 2014

Why population figures are so important for any country?

For Planning and development

For Socio-economic development

For Poverty alleviation

All of the above


The Interim Constitution presented in the National Assembly on_________

April 15, 1972

April 16, 1972

April 17, 1972

April 18, 1972


When were the Shariat benches established?







What should be the minimum age of the President according to the 1973 Constitution?

35 years

40 years

45 years

50 years


Which Government adopted the Islamisation as the Major policy for the State?

Nawaz government

Z. A. Bhutto government

Musharraf government

Zia government


In which province of Pakistan “Harappa” is situated?






How many members were there in the 2nd Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?

40 members

60 members

70 members

80 members


What does the LFO stand for?

Legal Framework Order

Labour Framework Organization

Legal Force Organization

Legal Framework Ordinance


In which part of Asia, Pakistan is located?

South East Asia

South Asia


With how many countries Pakistan shares boundries?






Who was the first civilian chief martial law Administrator in Pakistan?

General Ayub Khan

General Zial-ul-Haq

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

General Pervaiz Musharraf


Who did incorporate the Objectives Resolution in the Constitution of Pakistan?

Field Martial Ayub Khan

General Yahya Khan

General Zia-ul-Haq

General Pervaiz Musharraf


When the Principle of Usher was introduced on agricultural production?

In 1981

In 1984

In 1983

In 1985


When was the Constitution of 1956 promulgated?

8th June, 1956

14th August, 1956

23rd March, 1956

1st July, 1956


When did the 1973 Constitution enforce in the State?

August 14, 1973

August 14, 1974

August 14, 1975

August 14, 1976


When were the four provinces of West Pakistan amalgamated into One Unit?

In December, 1955

In October, 1955

In August, 1955

In March, 1955


There are __________ principal crop season in Pakistan





How many members of the First Constituent Assembly were increased after the 1947?

From 49 to 59

From 49 to 59

From 39 to 49

From 69 to 79


When were the Shariat benches established?



For what purpose Federal Shariat Court was establishede in Pakistan?

To deal with the cases related to Shariah


When did Ayub Khan get himself elected through referendum?

In 1958

In 1960

In 1962

In 1965


When did Ayub Khan abrogate the Constitution of 1956?

8th June, 1958

14th August, 1958

23rd March, 1958

7th October, 1958


Which one of the following clarifies the scope of power, relationship among various institutions within the government and society?

Constituent Assembly


National Assembly



What is share of agriculture to Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product?

About 25 percent

About 28 percent

About 27 percent

About 26 percent


Who challenged the dissolution of the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in the court?

Khawaja Nazimuddin

Muhammad Ali Bogra

Maulvi Tamizuddin

Iskander Mirza



What was the reaction of Non-Muslims on The Objectives Resolution?

Highly appreciated by the non-Muslims

Highly condemned by the non-Muslims

No response from the Non Muslims

Slightly condenmed by the Non Muslims


Which constitutional document is proved to be the ‘foundation’ of the constitutional developments in Pakistan?

The Constitution of 1956

The Constitution of 1962

The Constitution of 1973

The Objectives Resolution 1949


How much land area is covered by forest in Pakistan?

4 to 5 percent

5 to 6 percent

6 to 7 percent

7 to 8 percent


How many censuses have been done so far in Pakistan?






Official literacy rate of Pakistan is _________






Which country is located in the Northwest Of Pakistan?






How many members of the First Constituent Assembly were increased after the 1947?

From 49 to 59

From 69 to 79

From 49 to 59

From 39 to 49


In which year One Unit Scheme was introduced in Pakistan?

In October, 1956

In October, 1955

In October, 1954

In October, 1953


Which constitutional document is described as Magna Carta in the constitutional history of Pakistan?

The Constitution of 1956

The Constitution of 1962

The Objectives Resolution 1949

The Constitution of 1973

Muslim’s demand of Separate Electorate was accepted in?

Ans: Lucknow pact

what was the purpose of muslim league branch in london?

Ans: misunderstandings and conspiracies of the Hindus against the Muslims.

on which issue jinnah opposed and left the congress in 1920?

who used the word nation for the muslims of sub continent for the first time?

who gave philosophical explanation to the ideology of pakistan?

what was the main objective of the hindu revivalist movements in india?

who was the first president of muslim league?

Ans:Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah(Aga Khan III)

when did the rule of east india company end in the sub-continent?

Ans: 1858