PHY101 Physics Final Paper March 2014

1.      Find momentum of proton in MeV/C units assuming its total energy is twice its rest energy. Marks 5

2.      With regard to reference frames, how general relatively from special relatively Marks 3
3.      A vessel is filled with gas atoms equilibrium
4.       pressure and temperature. Can all gas and molecules in vessel have same speed? Marks 3
5.      What is the net charge of capacitor? Marks 3
6.      Given that electron behave like wave, how is Doppler shift described in term of momentum Marks 3
7.      What happens when a magnetically stored bit of information on a compact disk spins under a reading head that contain a small coil? Marks 2
8.      A laser beam ( lamda = 632.8 nm ) is incident on two slits 0.200nm apart. How far apart are the bright 5.00m away? Marks 3
9.      Potential difference between is 6.0v , what is kinetic energy in joul and electron ( electron is -1.6*10^-19c ) Marks 2
10.  The initial angular velocity 1170 rev/mint and final angular velocity 2880 rev/mint and time 12.6s. how many revolution does engine make during this time. Marks 5