PHY101 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

1. Why does the pressure of a gas enclosed in a rigid container increase as the temperature increases?
2. Why a sealed bottle partially filled with a liquid can float in a basin of the same liquid?
3. Wearing a metal bracelet in a region of a strong magnetic field could be hazardous. Explain
4. If an electron and proton have some de-Broglie wavelength? Which particle has greater speed snowz?
5. If the speed of particle is doubled, by what factor is its momentum changed? By What factor is its kinetic energy changed?
6. All objects radiate energy. Then why are we not able to see all objects in a dark room?
7. A vessel is filled with gas at some equilibrium pressure and temperature. Can all gas molecules in the vessel have some speed?
8. What determines the shortest and longest wavelength that a Hydrogen atom can emit?
9. Suppose you are standing directly behind someone who steps back and accidentally stomps on your foot with the heel of one shoe. Would you be better off if that were (a) a large professional basketball player wearing sneakers (b) a petite women wearing heeled shoes?
10. If the electric filed in a region of a space is zero, can you conclude that no electric charges are in that region? Explain
11. An Alpha particle (m = 6.64 * 10-27) emitted in the radioactive decay of uranium 238 has an energy of 4.20 MeV. What is its de-Broglie wavelength?
12. What brought about the Quantum Revolution?
13. Light traveling in the air is incident on the surface of a block of plastic at an angle of 62.7o to the normal and is bent so that it makes a 48.1o angle with the normal in the plastic. Find the speed of light in plastic
Paper 2

total 43 question plus mcq’s

31 mcqs

12 long questions

mcq’s were not so easy some of them were from past papers

long questions


1. if you stand in a situation where your car is stuck and raining outside. how can you start the car by pushing it from behind but not pushing it while sitting inside and hitting the dashboard.

2. calculate differential potential of a proton having initial speed …… bla bla bla ?

3. question was related to rms voltage means to calculate rms voltage?

4. what is coronas? what is its temperature and when did it is visible?

5. what will be the nucleus makup if it emits (some rays one i know was gamma ray)?


30 mcqs that

1. Difine fusion reaction in sun marks5
2. Elsticity and plasticity marks 5
3.When uniform velocity and instentanious velocity vector are equal. marks5
4. Can a photon have momentum with zero mass mark 3

2 numeri problem thin phase difference and interference say related 5 aur 3 marks ki

Baki yad nai

MCQS easy thay sabka paper main say thay