PHY101 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Total 26 question
20 mcqs & 6 questions
two 2 marks k n two 3 marks k and 2 5 marks k thy

2 marks
angular momentum is conserved?

A planet have two moons with same masses moon I with radius “r” and moon II with radius “2r”.find the gravitational force relation b/w two moon
exerted by planet on them. Do all mathematical steps?

two solid blocks of one identical size submerged with water. lead and aluminum which have buoyed force?
A 300 N trapdoor is hinged? wat upward force to open it a b 2 points ty gab force center ma lagi gay or geb in front of center lagai gay net
force find karni the

show the distance ratio b/w two particle in physics of particle inverse relation with their masses?
Transverse and longitudinal waves are observed in solids and also in fluid. But in a volume of fluid only the longitudinal waves are observed. Why?