PHY301 Circuit Theory Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Assignment 1(Fall 2012) Circuit Theory (Phy301) Due Date: November 05, 2012

Q 1: Find the equivalent resistance RTof given circuit. Write each step of the calculation to get maximum marks. Draw the circuit diagram of each step otherwise you will lose your marks.

Q 2: Determine VR1, R2, and R3 for the given circuit. Mention the units of calculated value.

Q 3:      Answer the following questions.

  1.              I.      If you wish to increase the amount of current in a resistor from 100mA to 150mA by changing the 20V source, by how many volts should you change source? To what new value should you set it?
  1.           II.       How much power is produced by 500mA of current through a 4.7kΩ resistor?
  1.        III.      There are four equal value resistors in parallel with a 12V source, and 4mA of current from the source. What is the value of each resistor?

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