Poultry Farming System Project in spring 2012

Poultry Farming System

In Pakistan the consumption of white meat and eggs has gradually increased in recent years due to growing health awareness. The cheapest source of animal protein available inPakistanis broiler meat and eggs. Poultry applies to a wide variety of birds of several species including chicken, pigeons, ducks, ostriches, quails etc but for this system it will cover up two common type of chicken i.e one for meat purposes and one for eggs production.



  1. Poultry Farm information: Id, Name, Location, Area, Rent etc
  2. Breed Type: Some breeds which are called Layers are for eggs production and after two or three years, breeds are sold out for meat when the egg production decreases. Some are for meat productions only called broilers i.e they don’t lay eggs. These breeds are for only 40 days almost and sold out for meat purposes.
  3. No. of Birds purchased i.e Hens/Cocks, Rate per bird, Total Cost on purchasing
  4. Feed procurements: Rate per bag/ total cost of feed
  5. Health and disease Expenses: To ensure continuous production of chicken and eggs, your chickens should be regularly checked by veterinarians to ensure their health
  6. Employees Pay to and other expenses
  7. Feed Usage
  8. Number of eggs sale / Rate per Egg, Total sale
  9. Hens/Cocks Sales

10. WasteSale

11. Different types of reports should be generated according to the user input, Total expenses Reports i.e if the administrator wants to see only expenses of feed then the view should be only for feed expenses.

12. TotalSaleof chickens and sale of egg farm wise

13. Day wise egg production percentage

14. Total expenses, total sale and income farm wise and total farm wise

15. Printing facility for reports


Note: The above mentioned are the minimum features. More features can be added. So try to extract more functional requirements from each feature by visiting the poultry farms.


  • Administrator
  • User

Tools and Technologies:

It will be a Desktop application using Microsoft.Net/Java as front end tool and MS SQL server or MySQL as backend database.