PSY101 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2017

Q1. (1) What is the significance of need for affiliation in your life ? Discuss keeping in view all your relationships ?

*it is required for association
*It offers social bonds which is important for survival and reproductive benefits
*affiliation is important for close friendship through which we can share our problems and enjoy every small moment of life.
*it tends to conform norms of the society or group
*we want to be like, belong, accepted, love and support by others that’s y we need affiliation.

(2). How important is it for you to gain power in life ? Do you want to practice it on others ?

Need of Power:
*it’s a need to make other behave in a way in which they would not have behaved otherwise.
*I believe every person has its own point of view in life and their own priorities that’s y I don’t practice power or dominance over others.
*But if power is in the form of leadership or guideline then I use to increase effectiveness of other members

(3) How much motivated you are to achieve your goals in life ? How much important need for achievement is for you ?

Life without goals or aim is nothing… That’s y I give much importance
my goals or aims in life. It keeps us motivated to continue to work. It maintains our focus and it keeps us on a track.

Q2. It is said that life is colorless without emotions ? Do you agree or disagree with this notion ? Justify keeping in view your life experiences.

No doubt life will be colorless without emotions.
Emotions keep us motivating to act quickly and take action of a stimulus it maximizes our chances of survival and success as well…
For example if we experience fear without emotions we are not likely to flee from the threat. Emotions allow us to understand others facial expressions which are connected with their particular emotions they are experiencing. It allows us to respond appropriately without emotions v fail to do so.
We human beings are a social creature so we need belonging support and attention of others without emotions it is impossible.