PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Given below are five case scenarios. In each scenario there is description of one type of memory. You are required to read the following carefully and specify the type of memory portrayed in each case along with the justification of your answer.
1. Danish, 35 years old, is an energetic manager of a multi-national company. He often shares with his colleagues that how he has enjoyed his life while doing his MBA from a renowned university. He recalls how he used to hang out with his folks at different cafes of the city. Even after so many years, he is able to recall his good times he spent.


Episodic Memory
Memory for information pertaining to life events, episodes, biographical details.It refers to memories of specific episodes in one’s life and is what most people think of as memory. Episodic memories are connected with a specific time and place.

2. Sehrish, a 19 years old college student, has learned some particular details about solar system in her school days, e.g., it has 8 planets and the sun is a star and earth revolves around the sun.Although she has memorized these things several years ago but she is able to recall till now.

Case 2: is Semantic because the solar system knowledge is about general knowledge about world and are facts, it is also scientific formulate found by scientist.but not priming because it is the knowledge show a few minutes ago and are asked to recall it after few minutes but sherish is recalling it after many years.

3. Amna, a housewife belonging to middle class family, is used to perform all household chores, e.g., cooking food for her family, dish washing, wipe the floor etc. She carries out all thesetasks with little or no awareness of the skills involved.

ANS: Procedural Memory
The memory center for skills and habits e.g., playing cricket, driving a car etc. It refers to the skills that humans possess.

4. Taha is a ten years old student. His teacher told him to memorize a list of 20 words. When Taha completed the task, his teacher showed him another list of 10 words. In the second list,words were given in an incomplete sense such as c-i-m-te, ga-ba-e but all these words were the same as the previous list. His teacher asked him to complete all these words, which he successfully did.

Case 4: is priming becuase it states that if individual is exposed to a piece of information than after that he can recall same or similar piece of information. Where as Associative module is just a STRATEGY not TYPE to RECOGNIZE THE MATERIAL

5. Fahad met a car accident at the age of 9 which left adverse impacts on his entire life. Due to this mishap, he had to use crutches for one year. Now he is 26 years old but whenever he thinks about that event, he starts trembling. Even after passing many years, he still remembers the entire content of the accident. He forces himself to forget that event but despite of his continuous efforts, he is unable to do it.
· Do not include unnecessary details in justification. Keep your answer to the point.
· Only use the table given below for attempting this assignment.
Case No. Name of Type of Memory Justification (why do you think so that it best
relates to that particular type of memory?)
Marking Scheme:
1 mark for the identification of type of memory and 3 marks for the justification of that selection

Solution:Case 1: Episodic memory
Case 2: Priming and long-term memory
Case 3: Procedural Memory
Case 4: Associative memory
Case 5: Flashbulb Memory