PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Dear Students,
1. You are required to critically read the story that has been given below. In that story, three elements of personality that were given by Sigmund Freud have been incorporated. Your task is to identify which character of the story is depicting which structure of personality as given by Freud e.g., id, ego, and superego. After the identification, you have to justify your choices as well. The story is as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Hamad had 4 children; Ali, Amna, Bushra and Ahad. Once they had to go to another city for a wedding ceremony. The kids stayed behind with their grandmother as their exams were going on at that time. At night, Ahad started to have a very strong craving for something sweet to eat. At once he thought about the ice-cream that his mother had left in the freezer thinking that if any sudden guests will come, she will serve it to them. She had forbidden her kids from eating that ice-cream. However Ahad wanted to eat that ice-cream at any cost. So, he went to the kitchen.
As he was about to open the ice-cream box, Ali and Amna came into the kitchen. When they saw Ahad with the ice-cream, they were shocked. Ali came forward and scolded Ahad, saying “Ahad! You should not be stealing. This is a very bad and dishonest act. How can your conscience be satisfied after doing such an immoral act?” Ahad defended himself by saying, “I do not care about what you think. I am having a very strong craving for sweet at this moment. So please hand over the box to me.”
Amna, who was watching her brothers arguing, stepped forward and tried to mediate the situation. She said to Ahad, “Dear Ahad! Please do not fight with your elder brother. If you are having such a strong craving, then here! Take this candy from me. In this way, your craving will be satisfied and you would not have to steal anything as well.”
Make sure to present your answers in tabular form! Marks will be deducted if table format would not be followed.
Marking scheme:
1 mark for identification: Ahad had a  strong craving of eating Sweet
2 marks for justification: Amna Offered Ahad a Candy to Stafisfy himself.

2. What do you think which element of personality is most prominent in your case. In other words, in your day to day dealing which element among id, ego and superego do you use? Support your answer with at least two personal life examples. (3+3).
Solution : 

1 Ahad has id personality bcoz he has immediate gratification of need

2. Amna has ego personality bcoz she know need can be fullfill in a sociable and mannerable form

3. Ali has super ego bcoz he holds all internalize moral standards and sense of right and wrong