PSY101 Introduction to Psychology GDB 1 Solution Fall 2013

Some psychologists consider that behavior can be measured objectively while others believe that behavior is all about subjectivity. Discuss with logical comments.


Basic Assumptions of the Humanistic Approach
i. In order to understand behavior we must consider the subjective experience of the person.
ii. Neither past experience nor current circumstances constrain the behavior of the person.

Human behavior is absolutely fascinating.  Observing people and trying to predict what they will do next can provide a real learning experience.  Human behavior is quite predictable in many instances.  Personalities can be extremely complex but there are areas that can be understood with a high degree of accuracy.  That is part of the value in using validated personality assessments.  It’s a lot like on the job training in the human behavior department.

You are probably wondering how you would use that information.  If you are considering promoting an employee into a new position with higher levels of responsibility, wouldn’t it be beneficial to know ahead of time how he would perform in the new job?  You can also use this information and understanding when putting together a team to manage a new project. You will even know who should be assigned certain tasks in order to play to each members strengths instead of to their weaknesses.

All industries are having to handle technological change.  Which employees will be able to respond to those changes without difficulty?  Which employees should be targeted for specialized or advanced training?  Wouldn’t it also be beneficial to know which employees would need supplemental or remedial training?

Another interesting fact about human beings is that they sometimes behave badly just because they don’t know any other way to express themselves.  You can effectively spot those individuals and defuse potential problems before they ever get out of the box.

The more that you work with a personality assessment instrument, the more proficient you will become in understanding and reading people accurately.  This is an enormous help when interviewing and screening applicants or in conflict resolution.  When you understand what is driving the behavior, you will be able to predict the outcome much more successfully. You will not become a guru overnight, but a little coaching can take you a long way very quickly.