PSY101 Introduction to Psychology GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

Asma (student of BS Psychology) was traveling through a public transport where a woman started talking to her and got to know that Asma is studying psychology. Out of curiosity, she said to Asma, “tell me about my personality” considering her a magician. What do you think, what Asma will say while replying her or in other words, how she will clarify her position


 My name is Asma, and I’m a senior at Virtual University of Pakistan where I’m preparing to practice psychology in practical life. I’m good at public speaking, and I’ve been a group leader on several school projects.She will clarify her that she is psychologist not a magician or some thing like that.she will say her that psycologist are professional and their aera is to predict about people mental and behaviour. It is also a fact that all psychology degree holders are not capable of describing, predicting and don’t have good observation. It requires a great practice and study to  predict about some behaviours. Some people thought that we can tell their future or we can give medicines these all are wrong concepts about psychologists. We can only predict about someone’s personality his behaviour, interests and what he is capable of by observing his potentials and capabilities. We practice and study about mental behaviours so thats why we can predict. There is no magic or something else. I thing you understand that we are not magician we can  do all this because of our studies in this field.