PSY101 Introduction to Psychology GDB Solution Fall 2012

With the passage of time, decay occurs in human memory. Memories of the incidents, either good or bad, start fading with every passing day. Do you think that forgetting sometimes helps in healthy functioning of life and improves psychological adjustment of human beings? Support your stance with logical examples.

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Forgetting is the inability to retrieve or recall information from the long-term memory.
With the some negative disadvantage forgetting has also some positive advantage.
Forgetting should not be understood as a problem alone, since it has some advantage too for example : it
help us forgetting unnecessary information and enable us to learn new thing
By forgetting thing event etc. happened in past human get’s ready and refresh them self for accepting new
event in their life.
Forgetting is a surprisingly common event. It can happen for a number of reasons including a failure to retrieve the information from long-term memory. Learn more about why this happens and discover some of the research into how and why memory fails.