PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Quiz 1 Spring 2014

  1. According to Jung, which of the following, tend to be sociable, outgoing, an interested in parties and group activities.__________EXTROVERTED___________________.


  1. Which of the following field of psychology studies and explains human buying behavior?___________________________________________.


  1. All of the followings are the phases in the history of psychology EXCEPT:______________________________________.


  1. Who among the followings gave the idea of “Wahadt -ul-Shahood” means “Reflection of God”?_______MUJADAD ALFSANI_____________________________________.


  1. Behaviorists are more interested in:_______OBSERVING__________________________.


  1. Who among the followings is known as “father of Greek medicines_________ALCAMEON___________________________________.


  1. In which of the following therapy a brief electric current is sent through the brain of the anesthetized patient?______ELECTRO-SHOCK THERAPY______________________________________.


  1. Sara starts feeling bad at the thought of visiting dentist; this is an example of which of the following?___________CLASSICAL CONDITIONING________________________________.


  1. According to Imam-Ghazali, there are six powers of “Self”. Which of the following is NOT one of them?________REINFORCEMENT_____________________________.


  1. Which of the followings increases the likelihood of occurrence of a behavior?________________________REINFORCEMENT________________________.