PSY101 VU Assignment No. 1 Spring 2012 Solution

Situations Type of


Reinforcement Reinforces Strengthened Behaviors  
Situation 1


Negative In this situation, the mother is serving to strengthen the behavior. Two years old child has a tantrum (crying and screaming) is being strengthened because the child has stubborn attitude.
Situation 2


Positive Parents are serving to strengthen the behavior. Little Ahmed behavior Is being strengthened because he shows negative attitude.
Situation 3


Positive Steaks are serving to strengthen the chef. In this situation, chef is being strengthened because when chef doesn’t off the exhaust fan then kitchen is full of smoke. And he might be in trouble.
Situation 4


Positive Teacher is serving to strengthen the behavior. Hassan is being strengthened because his teacher gives him courage to do good work.
Situation 5


Positive Company is serving to strengthen the behavior. The workers are being strengthened because when his company gives him a good pay then they are working more efficiently.
Situation 6


Positive Friend is serving to strengthen the behavior of college student. The college student is being strengthened because her friend tells her correct answer. She has been helped by her friend.
Situation 7


Positive NATURE is serving to strengthening the behavior of woman. Woman is being strengthened by NATURE.

Part 2:

Identify any three behaviors from your own life which get strengthened either by positive Reinforcement or by negative reinforcement.  Also determine the reinforces of these Behaviors?


These following situations are strengthened the positive/negative reinforcement in my life:

  • When I was child I use to start cry for something. So, my parents give me that thing. It was my stubborn attitude.  As, a result I more likely start crying to get anything. That is negative reinforcement.
  • In school time, my teacher praises me when I show good result in the class. Because she gives me attention during the class. As a result I always show good behavior and result in the class. That is the Positive reinforcement.
  • In college time, during the class test when I ask the solution of Question to my friend, they tell me the answer. As a result I more likely to ask the solution. That is the negative reinforcement.