PSY101 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

total questions 64

total marks: 88

total MCQs: 58


MCQs were rather easy but subjective part was difficult and analytical


1. forensic psychology and its terminologies. 5 Marks

2. intelligence traits any five given by Gardner. 5 Marks

3. Neo-Freudian approach and their disagreement with Freud. 5 Marks

4. Limbic Head. 3 Marks

5. Poplliometrics. 3 Marks

Paper 2:

salam 2 all
Total Qs =50

Total MCQS = 40

5 Qs having 3,3 marks

5 Qs having 5, 5 marks each……

Q1. emotonal expession
Q2. Problem in research
Q3. Note on memory
Q4. characteristics of personality
Q5 Dimension of personality
Q6. sales person , teacher , clincian, politician, exhibite special type of intelligence..
Q7 Concept of middle age era n Islamic era of psychopathology
Q8. Job analysis……

Paper 3:

subjective part of paper consist of mostly conceptual question which are hard to remember few questions which i remembered are;

Steps of creative thinking?

Mood disorder and causes?

About neuron and its parts(function)? I recommend to read the whole topic of nervous systems.

Instead of wasting time on few topics try to equipped yourself with the concept of variety of topics of psy101 then you can attempt paper easily.