PSY101 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Total questions = 27 Total mcq’s = 22 Deferent theories of “pitch Perception and hearing” are being presented over the years. Which one is your favorite and why? (5 marks) How does the endocrine system influence behavior? Describe the functions of any two glands and the hormones

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each secrets. (2.5+2.5 marks) After a gunshot wound to the head, Amir is unable to control his aggression and fear, Docotor’s says his “Emotional Brain” is hurt because of this wound. What could be the possible location of Amir’s wound? Also mention two characterisitics of that part. (1+2 marks) Name three part of the human ear and what is the function of Ear drum? (1+2 marks) Define the shaping techniques. Discuss how will you practice this technique in your life? (3 marks) Another Papers: 1).In which type of learning an association is formed between a behavior and consequence name and explain(3) 2).Sadia is planning to study the impact of age on the ability to recall event from the childhood. age can be consider as a independent variable find the depended variable and also explain the reason (3) 3). Sharif started to develop the deafness ( have to write down the reason of deafness) (3) 4). explain Relative motion Relative size (5) 5). kashif is a 15 years old boy ,has 95 kg weight , he is suffering from diabetes doctors suggest him only medicine are not enough he have to take insulin also , write down the characteristic of his disease .