PSY101 VU GDB Solution Spring 2012

Punishment is frequently used by law enforcing organizations to decrease the likelihood of crimes in our society. Do you think that punishment is really effective in decreasing the faulty and criminal behaviors of people?


Punishment is An unpleasant or painful stimulus whose introduction following a certain behavior decreases likelihood that the behavior will occur again.
An aversive stimulus that decreases the p of the behavior that precedes it Government needs to develop and implement prevention programs aggressively, taking care to learn from experience. Research and evaluation must be important elements in all prevention efforts.
A cost-effective approach to crime requires more than punishment. A country cannot jail away its crime problem by warehousing criminals, young or old. It cannot solve crime solely through deterrence, or by “shocking” trouble-prone youth or “scaring them straight.” Rather, to help children and youth grow into productive, constructive adults, they must be supervised, supported, educated, encouraged, cared for and given opportunities to contribute. And they must have positive opportunities for recreation, exploration, and personal growth.