PSY101 VU Mid term Papers Spring May 2012

1. describe function of auditory canal and tell three parts of ear. 3 marks

2.about  ear impairments 5 marks

3. sadia unintentionall bought a branded perfume which have “Shan”s picture on it, which principle tell aur defines this behavior and who first proposed this principle 3 marks

4. something like”why people try to imitate james bond which part of his charecteristic attract them” 5 marks

Another Paper

jis me 28 MCQs thay, 2 question 3,3 marks k thay or 2 he question 5,5 marks k thay.

Q- what dio you know about cerebellum. what are its functions. 5 MARKS

Q- James Mckeen Cattell defended nurture or nature? wxplain rationale. 5 MARKS

Q- when you enter in a dark room. you are unable to visualize but after some time you become able to see the per sitting next to you. how this happens. 3 MARKS

Q- a. why a young girl wear lipstick.

b. why a boy starts smoking.

c. why people copy famous actors. 1+1+1 marks