PSY401 Clinical Psychology Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Arshad’s parents died when he was 12-years old. He belonged to the area where education was not
provided to children and they were supposed to accept their responsibilities at a younger age. He went
to a hotel in order to search a job. Here the hotel owner dealt with him in an affectionate way but the
innocent Arshad was unaware of the cruel and inhumane purposes behind that. The hotel owner took
him to the room and used sexual abusive language. Due to this situation, Arshad became terrified at
the moment. Then, other two men came inside the room and sexually abused him. After this traumatic
event, the hotel owner awarded 500 rupees to him. He told Arshad, if he will keep on engaging in such
sexual activities, he would be surely awarded like that. Arshad who was an innocent child, having no
money, was being compelled to get indulge into such activities as there was no alternative in front of
Keeping in view the above scenario, you have to illustrate:
1. What could be the possible negative impacts of this traumatic event on Arshad’s life? (10)
2. Being a Clinical Psychologist, how can you provide help to Arshad? (10)