SOC101 Assignment 2 Solution Feb 2015

The learning of gender roles with the help of socialization agents such as the family and media is
known as practice of gender socialization. Such an approach makes a distinction between
biological sex and social gender-an infant is born with the first and develop the second. Through
contact with various agencies of socialization, children gradually internalize the social norms and
expectations which are seen to correspond with their sex. Gender differences are not biologically
determine, they are socially and culturally produced. In recent years sociologists have become
increasingly interested in the positions and experiences of men and women with the larger order
that shapes them. This shift in sociology of gender has led to the emphasis on studying the
human behavior in context with learning situations. Such situation can be provided by family,
school, religion or media.
Assignment activity
In this assignment, media is chosen as an agent to be studied with reference to the socialization
of both genders and it is an attempt to grasp how male or female identities are constructed and
what impact socially prescribed roles have on the behavior of men and women? In this
assignment, you are required to watch any drama serial preferably SOAP drama/s (2-3 episodes)
of any TV channel of Pakistan and critically evaluate the gender roles portrayed in the drama on
the basis of following parameters:
• Number of male and female characters appeared in the episodes. 05
• Brief description of characters’ roles and behaviors in drama. 05
• Gender role presented in the drama whether typical or atypical, positive or negative. 05

• The agent of socialization explaining certain roles specification in the context of drama. 

Solution: Watch any drama’s 2-3 episodes like humsafar or Pyarey Afzal and answer the following questions accordingly to it.