SOC101 Assignment No 3 Spring 2012 solution

Learning objective:
The basic objective of this assignment is:
To know the current situation of population growth rate of country and how other demographic factors
such as age, sex, literacy and population distribution disturbs the socio-economic condition of Pakistani society.
Learning outcome:
Students will be able to understand the change in demographic trends of population over the period of time and will be able to analyze its effects on economic resources of the country.
Population Profiles of Pakistan
From hunting, gathering and foraging society to the present industrial and modernized world man is in continuous struggle for survival. But the major portion of the population of the world is still facing hunger problem. Hundreds of children die of malnutrition daily in this world. Whom we should blame to? The rapid growth of populations; policies of governments; developed countries; or something else. The real picture is that the most of the world is facing crisis. When we peep into the situation of Pakistan, the country is facing adverse crisis of population growth. Being a sociologist, to deal with the issue of over population and to analyze the future trends it is necessary to have information about population statistics. In this regard, you are supposed to do the following activity.
Q No. 01. Compile a statistical report on following population elements for year 2010 or 2011. 4
• Age Distribution
• Sex Composition
• Literacy Composition
• Distribution of Population
Important: You can get data from UN or Federal Beaurue of Statistics websites. Mention the sources in report.
Q No. 02. In the light of obtained facts and figures you are supposed to analyze the trends of population by giving answers to the following questions.
1. How age Structure affects the development of society?
2. How sex Composition affects the expansion of society?
3. How literacy Composition is linked with social development of Pakistan?
4. How population distribution is linked to food security?
Q No. 03. On the basis of analysis of Q2 you are required to suggest three areas of improvement in Population policy of Pakistan. 3

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