SOC101 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 12 Feb 2012

64 Total Question out of which 58 were MCQs and 6 were subjective part containing three questions of 5 marks and again three of 3 marks each

the examiner didn’t allowed me to copy the questions but i remembered their idea, which is given below

1. how will you evaluate the post modernization of a society? 5

2. Aasma is a social worker and a big supporter of women rights. she argued to reduce the sexual violence and the autonomy of women. according to Feminist School of thought, Aasma id practising which ideas of this thought? 5

3. how provincial departments of government and the non governmental organizations could practice to reduce the population? 5

4. in the Jewish culture, there is a tradition that when the boy comes up to 13, they organize a traditional function and declares him to be an independent on the nation. who are the agents of socialization in this perspective and moreover describes the reason behind. 3

5. Pakistan having the children population as 43%, point the consequences which the country to probably to face? 3

6. in a certain tribe there has been a prohibition about a certain pool to not to swim in it as there is something superficial with it. the reason behind is the various accidents rather coincident accidents in the pools of the tribe that made them think that way. point out the element of culture which is enforcing them to practice such prohibition and also point out the reasons behind. 3