SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

Normative organizations

Normative organizations usually work on the basis of voluntary membership. Many of us are members of some sports club, Human Rights NGOs, hospital, psychiatric institute or environmental protection agencies. But some of these organizations run successfully whereas rest fails to get success. Why, it is so, why in some situations these are successful whereas in others these are not? What factors contribute in it-individual or structural? The dilemma is not just restricted to volunteer organization, many other utilitarian and coercive organization face the similar circumstances and dysfunctioning. There are many factors behind this dysfunctionaing, some organizations successfully tackle these whereas others unable to identify the root cause and suffer.
Following are the scenarios illustrating dysfunctioning of two normative organizations; you are supposed to analyze each scenario and identify:


Scenario 01.
In a football club in Liari, Karchi, the president has been working in the club since age of 10 years. He has spent all his life playing football and had long affiliation with the club. As he is the most experienced person who has served the team for 30 years so, he has also been engaged in advisory committee, coaching, managing teams and is representative in states football association. His efforts and expertise are acknowledged by all and he is respected by all the people. He knows much as compared to others so trivial matters are also decided by him. This made him the linchpin in everything the club did resultantly his work load increased and his health has suffered under pressure. No one is delegated the authority to work autonomously, and feels apprehension of making the wrong decision without first getting his input.


1. Problem within; (05)
o Structure : The Vertical Organization.
o Decisions styles: The President has all the power for the football club.
2. Violation (02):

All members of football club should provide their services.

Voluntary organizations strive for participatory democracy, in which all members have an equal
opportunity to discuss and decide important questions affecting the organization.
3. Possible solution, how can you make difference?

The Organization member can hire or nominated more persons to avoid work burden.
Scenario 02.
An association is established by mothers in Lahore as school-mothers group in order to discuss the issues of their kids admitted in the school. A new lady joined the group who has three children in nearby school. As she has prior experience of such type of association, so the president of the association overloaded her with multi tasks which were pending for last few years. In order to establish the monopoly, the president did not give any background or historical information of the projects to that women resultantly she was overwhelmed and frustrated and left the association.


1. Problem within; (05)
o Structure: Horziontal Organization
o Decisions styles: Behavioral

2. Violation (02)

Efficiency vs. potential to dehumanize the peopl e it is supposed to serve. The very same
impersonality that fosters efficiency keeps officials and clients from responding to each other’s

3. Possible solution, how can you make difference? 

If bureaucrats have little motivation to be efficient, they certainly have every reason to protect their
jobs. Thus the officials typically strive to perpet uate their organization even when its purpose has
been fulfilled.