SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014


The infant enters this world as a selfish little organism pre-occupied with its physical needs. It soon becomes a human being, with a set of attitudes and values, likes and dislikes, goals and purposes, patterns of response, and a deep abiding concept of the sort of person it is. Every person gets through a process we call socialization—-the learning process which turns a person from an animal into a person with a human personality. But the personality is not the same in all cultures and societies, it varies. Even in conformists’ societies, some individuality is found within the personalities that provides a point of distinction and comparison for others.

Assignment Activity

As a student of Sociology you are expected to understand social beings in a better way. The diverse impacts of social world on an individual’s personality are multidimensional. In this regard, you are given a chance to evaluate the personality of your favorite leader around the world. You are required to evaluate the life course of the personality in detail in order to identify the distinctive points of socialization.

(1) Include following elements to give an overview of the selected personality: (10)

• Childhood

• Adolescence

• Adulthood

• Old age (If applicable)

(2) Identify the distinctive features from the whole socialization process which helped the selected personality to be well known or reputed person. (05)

(3) Relate the Self-concept of particular personality with any one theory of personality development. (05)