SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Sociology of Crime and Deviance

No system of social control work perfectly. Some persons fail to behave as expected in all known societies, although non-conformity varies generally in form and frequency between societies but there are some common features of deviation in all societies. When people see some behavior they do not like, they often attribute it to evil human nature, wicked impulse, weak character or some other individual cause. What separates sociologists from other here is the sociologists’ habit of looking for social factors in the causation behavior. In this assignment you are also expected to play the role of critical sociologists in order to find out the causes of deviance in our own society. In this regard you are supposed to do following activity:

Read the Jurm- O- Saza/Crime and Courts page of any English or Urdu newspaper and collect four news stories. Two stories related to white collar crimes and two news stories of ordinary or petty crimes. After that you are required to analyze/assess each story on following basis:
1. Type of crime (.5)

Musharraf – Violating the constitution of Pakistan, Dera Bughti Case, Lal-Masjid case.

2. A brief description of crime including background (1.5)

Musharraf enforced martial law in 1999 by dissolving the parliament.

3. Social factors involved in the criminal act (2)

– Dera Bugti was killed, Innocent children were killed in the mosque.

4. Current state of case, the action taken by court or law enforcement agencies (1)

– Musharraf had a minor heart attack and current the court has ordered him to applied in the hight court of Pakistan

Note: Evaluation of all stories carries equal 5 marks for each. (5*4)