SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

What places one in a particular social class? It is birth, money, education, occupation or what? The
answer to each question is yes, for all these attributes are involved. The number of social classes,
therefore, varies from place to place; it may also vary with the observer’s appraisal of the number of
social strata whose members have the same general status. When we speak of, for example, the
middle class, we don’t refer to a group of people who are clearly set off from other be definite status
interval; we refer to a group of people who cluster around a midpoint in a status scale and who view
and treat one another as social equals. Social class is significant social reality not just a theoretical
construct, for people do classify others as equals, superiors and inferiors. Whenever people define
certain others as social equals and treat them differently from those who are not so defined, their
behavior creates social classes.
Keeping in mind this variation, this activity has been assigned to you to determine the existence of
social class in Pakistan on the basis of occupation and income and education.
Following is a list of occupations which determine the prestige of a particular person on the basis of
particular profession. Your task is to get ranked these professions from 10 persons (belongs to any
walk of life) of age group of 25-40. After getting ranking from 1-10 prepare a cumulative table
showing ranked order of all occupations.
Occupation Title Prestige score (10
Occupation Title Prestige score (10
TV host Fireman
Social Worker Dentists
School teacher Physician
Army personnel Ambassador
Carpenter Computer technician
Policeman Stenographer
Restaurant owner Lawyer
Member of Senate or
National Assembly
Airline Pilot
Veterinarian Electrician
Journalist University Professor
The second activity is to estimate social class on the basis of family income. In this regard, you are
supposed to ask the same respondents (10) to specify their current family income and further to rank
the range of family income for upper, middle, lower middle and poor class on following pattern.
Social Class Money range
This activity is to prepare a list of level of education of respondents and present them in form of
frequency table and percentage.
Level of education Frequency Percentage
Now, you will write a report comprising of following sections:
• Introduction (Purpose of activity) 2
• Ranking (Numerical calculations) 6
• Discussion (How the occupational structure, income and education determine the class structure of Pakistani society?) 7
• Reasons of association with certain class and occupations on the basis of analysis.  5


Social Class                  Money range

  • upper                     1,50,000
  • middle                    75,000
  • lower midle           50,000
  • poor                   18,000


A social class is a homogeneous group of people in a society formed on the combined basis of



1. Education

2. Occupation

3. Income

4. Place of residence



And have who have similar social values similar interest in life and they behave a like have approximately equal position of respect or status in a society.



The social classes of Pakistan.

1. Upper social class

2. Middle social class

3. Working social class


1.Upper social class.

The upper social class which generally have high level of income and belong to be most high paying profession and they live in most cleanest place of the country and money will be no problem for them and their size is 2% of the total society and approximately 3.7 million they have 60% to 65% of money of the country.



They are actually



1. High status leadership

2. Big business man

3. Top management of the company



2. Middle Social Class.


The USC and MSC education are met different like USC study in foreign country like oxford university and MSC are study in local university of their country but income size will found more different their houses are different their house are not huge and not think for a huge house of defense and think a house of Gulshan-e-iqbal their population is 28% out of the total population their population is 53 to 54 million of the total population



They are actually



1. They are small to medium size business man.

2. Middle management

3. Low ranking govt officer



And the big difference in USC and MSC is house concentration they focus more to their house but USC not so much home focus they are less and MSC lot home focus.



4. Working Social Class.


The WSC are not much more educated they are not in very accurative profession their income is low and they build one two room poorly houses, electricity not available water etc.Their size is 70% out total population of Pakistan.



They are actually



1. They are very small size shop owner. Skill, semi skill & unskilled

2. Low grade govt staff ( peons, driver)

3. Poor former

4. Political worker