SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

The main objectives of this assignment is to:
• Explore the application of Karl Marx’s conflict theory in Pakistani Education system
Social class inequality is deeply rooted in our society. All spheres of life are subjected to this disparity even educational institution has no exception. Different sociologists have explored underlying factors behind this phenomenon. One of the most prominent figures among these is Karl Marx who believed that between the two classes (ruling and subjected class), first one keeps on same positions due to economic superiority over the years as compared to the bourgeoisie who experience restricted social mobility. Keeping in mind the existing educational structure based on class position as determined by Karl Marx theory, this assignment aims to see whether public/private schools are maintaining status quo in Pakistani society or not?
Your task is to analyze public/government and private school on the basis of your day to day observation and compare the both types of school on the following parameters:
1. School facilities (Library, lab)
2. Fees structure
3. Enrollment statistics
4. Level of Teachers’ qualification
5. Standard of books
After getting information, you are required to write a brief report. Your report must cover the following parts:
 Introduction of your study (03)
 Comparative analysis of both types of school on given parameters (15)
 Conclusion and interrelationship of results with Karl Marx conflict theory (07)